A good deal benefits both buyer and seller alike.

If you follow this rule as a guide, you'll never be disappointed by your experience in our on-line marketplace. Cooper Capital enjoys great relationships with both buyers and sellers and looks to maintain a high level of quality participation. However, if you are new to the specialty salvage industry, please follow these tips in evaluating an asset for bid:

  • Minimum starting bid is provided on most auction assets. We do not publish or inform bidders of current bids.
  • Do not try to figure out what someone else will bid. Each bidder has different resources and different costs that enable them to bid at a certain level.
  • Do not take advice from anyone that you do not know as to the condition of an asset as they might be trying to deter you from making a bid. Whenever possible, inspect the asset yourself, assess the damage, and determine a reasonable cost for repair. If you are not able to do so personally, find someone who can.
  • Research the asset and establish a fair market value prior to the loss. There are many on line and printed guides that can assist in the research process. Click here for more information but be aware that these resources will only provide you with a price range. Quality assets often bring more than these quoted prices so use as many references as possible.