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Before and After Story: 2004 42' Fountain Lightning

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I own a boat and heavy equipment repair facility in the Seattle area and I have worked with CCSS,LLC for the past five years. Our company has bought and provided services for CCSS, LLC and have always considered them to be in a league of their own. We work with insurance companies and vendors every day, but rarely find a company with as much integrity as Cooper Capital.

— Bruce Hood
     Central Collision
     Kent, WA

It was Friday afternoon, and hurricane Jeanne, a category three storm, was steaming towards North Palm Beach. At the same time, Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC had four damaged boats each over sixty five feet that were damaged by hurricane Frances that were being towed to our facility for emergency haul out. Given the condition of our fixed piers, and the devastation that hurricane Frances had inflicted on Fort Pierce and other marinas in Stuart, I had serious reservations about accepting the boats at my facility from Cooper Capital and their clients. After consulting with my attorney and Cooper Capital, it was apparent that the insurance companies could not act quickly enough to make me feel comfortable if my facility was damaged by their boats during Jeanne. After several conversations, Cooper Capital stepped up to the plate and we hammered out an agreement at 5pm on Friday, twelve hours before the storm hit Palm Beach. Cooper Capital deposited more than a 100K in my attorney's account for any damage to my facility as a result of having their boats at my docks. In the aftermath, we had about $7500.00 worth of damage and I was more than happy to return the balance to a company that was able to address this issue professionally for their clients.

— Chris Hodge
     The Ways
     West Palm Beach, FL

Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC came to me 8 years ago to store some of their damaged boats after a storm swept through South FL. Since then, we have had a great relationship and have been able to help each other over the years in various ways. After hurricane Wilma, CCSS, LLC helped us get our operation running again to accommodate the hundreds of boats that were damaged as a result of the storm. CCSS, LLC's catastrophe response team set up an office at our facility and we helped them coordinate the smaller salvage assignments. CCSS, LLC conducted a massive open air auction at our facility to liquidate all of their inventory in record time. Invoices are paid promptly and we consider CCSS one of our most valued customers. We continue to enjoy our fine relationship with this company today.

— Steve Winn, President
     Federal Marine
     Ft. Lauderdale, FL

I run a small boat repair and sales facility in Bristol, RI and have purchased several boats from Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC for reconditioning. I have always found CCSS, LLC to be a terrific source for the types of water craft that I can market in my area.

— Dave Parker
     Parker Marine
     Bristol, RI

I am a boat repairer in Sweden and I have tried to work with several of the salvage companies in the United States and have found CCSS, LLC to be the most friendly, straightforward, and honest, of the group. I have bought several boats from them and will continue to do so in the future.

— Jonny Lagg
     Lagg's Marine
     Boxholm, Sweden

My name is Mike Richardson. I have bought (2) boats in recent months (1989 24' Four Winns and 1989 26' Four Winns) and I just want to say that the testimonials from your customers that brag on how great ya'll are to deal with are no bull!! Everything that you said was right on the mark and the help I got with little problems like storage fees and finding all the pieces of the boats was above and beyond what would be expected of a agent for the insurance companies and buyers. I will be watching your site as I am sure I will be purchasing more items thru your company.

— Mike Richardson


Purchased 2001, Cooper Notified 2006

My family and I would like to say hello, we would like to send you some pictures of our boat that we purchased from you back in 2001, we use the boat all the time and love it. It was submerged, and my wife, I and the four kids have rebuilt the entire boat in since 2002 at the house. New motors, genset, a/c, interior, all appliances and electronics. Thanks for a great deal Cooper Cap!!! It has been a great family project.

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