Catastrophe Services

Cooper Capital Specialty Salvage, LLC's CAT Salvage Division is an expert in the area of salvage recovery. CCSS, LLC operates a CAT Team to respond to natural disasters. We fly in, set up a field office, and develop a relationship with local businesses in the shortest time possible. CCSS, LLC's catastrophe response team is prepared to be on site within hours of natural catastrophes, processing customers' damaged assets and preparing them for quick salvage sale.

Daysafter Hurricane Katrina ravaged the gulf coast area in August of 2005, CCSS, LLC was on scene commencing salvage operations. We ended our stay in the Gulf Coast with 100's of boats which we successfully managed the recovery. Working hand in hand with CAT team adjusters CCSS, LLC was able to salvage, market and sell more than 800 boats within seven months.

Other Special Cases:

On January 17, 2007, our emergency 911 system alerted our staff after hours and a message awaited us from a cargo surveyor in Port Hueneme in California. After contacting the surveyor, we learned that a 2007 72' Sunseeker Predator fell more than 50 feet while being unloaded from a cargo ship. As seen below, the boat was in a very precarious condition with a fractured hull and very few options for its removal. CCSS, LLC worked closely with the surveyor and the port to structure a plan that satisfied all parties and was able to remove the vessel in just 4 days from initial mobilization. The boat was dismantled, inventoried, and the damaged hull disposed of with no damage to the environment or surrounding areas.

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