Platform Height 80 ft Horizontal Outreach 51 ft 10 in. Up and Over Height 32 ft 1 in. Swing 360 Degrees Continuous Platform, Side Entry 36 x 96 in. Platform Capacity-Unrestricted 500 lb Platform Rotator 180 Degrees Hydraulic Jib Length 6 ft Jib Range of Articulation 130 Degrees (+70, –60) Weight** 34,300 lb Max. Ground Bearing Pressure 76 psi Drive Speed 2WD or 4WD 3.0 mph Gradeability 2WD 30% 4WD 45% Turning Radius (Inside) 2WS 12 ft 4WS 7 ft Turning Radius (Outside) 2WS 22 ft 6 in. 4WS 14 ft 6 in.

HP - 48.8
Fuel Type - Diesel


This unit rolled over. Damage including but not limited to engine cover, hydraulics, left body panels, boom, battery, fuel tank and the motor was twisted. The unit is not running. You will need a crane to load this unit.

Asset Specification

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