Combined value of enclosure and gen set $900,000. Freeman Enclosure System Walk In L4 540L x 144W x 147H The enclosure is empty of all internal equipment including all of the interior component parts and fuel tank. MTU Onsite Energy diesel engine and generator system Model: MTU 16V400 DS2250 2280. KW 5KVA Disconnect Hours: 2 for testing This system has been fully tested and run and performed to manufactures specifications. The semi-trailer was traveling at a speed stated 4 to 5 MPH and hauling a Walk-In Enclosures with the installed MTU diesel engine and Genset system. The Support beam/pin on the trailer failed causing the trailer to deflect downward onto the pavement. The cargo stayed on the trailer. During the process of lifting the container generator off the failed trailer and placing it onto the relief trailer, the load straps failed with the container generator striking the out-riggers of the crane. The unit was reset onto the relief trailer. Please note that the damages as a result of the described event was to the container only and there was no direct impact damage to the engine and generator, except for the sheet metal frame around the radiator. Enclosure Retail value: $246,191 Engine/GenSet Retail Value $491,570 Don't miss out on a deal of a lifetime. See spec sheets in the photo section. Genset Load on Truck = $500* Enclosure/Sub Frame on Truck = $500* Genset inside Enclosure and sub frame loaded as one item including labor = $3500* *Please note these charges were presented to us by Freeman Enclosures and must be verified by the buyer.

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